Morph Folding Wheelchair Wheels




The folding wheel was originally conceptualised as a folding bicycle wheel by Duncan Fitzsimons when he was a graduate student at the Royal College of Arts in London. After receiving public attention and calls from the wheelchair community telling him that this concept would be invaluable to wheelchair users, he redesigned it as a wheelchair wheel.

Maddak further developed the wheel after careful consultation with the community, and are happy to introduce MORPH™ Wheels–the world’s first ever foldable wheelchair wheel!

  • Travel without being limited by storage space–even in taxis
  • Fits in overhead bins, closets and even under your seat during flights
  • Enjoy riding with other wheelchair users
  • Change the tires without complex tools
  • Reduce the painful strain on your shoulders when transferring into cars
  • Eliminate the risk of damaging wheels when traveling