Custom-built Wheelchairs by DaVinci Mobility

Lightweight Wheelchairs Sheffield


We design and build custom lightweight wheelchairs in aluminium and titanium for everyday use, sports and off road.

Bespoke Wheelchair by DaVinci Mobility


DaVinci also make a complete range of children’s bespoke wheelchairs, designed specifically for your individual needs.


Powered Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

Wheelchair tyres available in the DaVinci Mobility shop

Spare parts

We sell wheelchair spare parts and accessories such as tyres, wheels, castors and upholstery for all makes of wheelchair.

Bespoke Wheelchair by DaVinci Mobility


Lightweight hand cycles, tricycles and tandems for children and adults, custom built for you to keep fit or get into sport.

WHeelchair servicing available from DaVinci Mobility


DaVinci perform maintenance and repairs for all makes of wheelchairs, handcycles and mobility accessories.

Car adaptations available from DaVinci Moblity


DaVinci is a Motability accredited fitter of hand controls, electronic clutches, left foot accelerators as well as wheelchair hoists.

Bespoke Wheelchair by DaVinci Mobility

Powered mobility

We supply powered wheels including Motion Assist and Motion Drive, Alber E-motion, Alber E-Fix, and SD Motion Drive.

Quickie Helium and other wheelchair brands also available from DaVinci Mobility

Other brands

We sell folding wheelchairs and electric scooters, including Sunrise Medical, Motion Composites, Panthera and more.

Spare and replacement parts

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Lightweight Wheelchairs Bristol

Lightweight Wheelchairs Bristol

If you are confined to a wheelchair we can help you to regain your mobility with lightweight wheelchairs Bristol and can offer you a range of custom made wheelchairs and powered mobility aids.

Lightweight Wheelchair York

Lightweight Wheelchair York

If you are looking for a quality lightweight wheelchair York, Da Vinci Mobility is available to assist.

Lightweight Wheelchairs Sheffield

Lightweight Wheelchairs Sheffield

Lightweight wheelchairs Sheffield offer freedom of mobility for those who need assistance.

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