Car Adaptations

Autochair Smart Lifter LM

Wheelchair Hoists
The Autochair Smart Lifter LM is designed to lift manual wheelchairs, including those with power packs and lightweight scooters. It can be fitted to most hatchbacks, estates, MPVs and 4x4s.…

Autochair Smart Lifter LP

Wheelchair Hoists
The Autochair Smart Lifter LP — The highest lifting capacity wheelchair hoist in the world! Our NEW Autochair Smart Lifter LP has been specially designed to lift larger (wider, longer,…

Braun Roof Topper Wheelchair Hoist

Wheelchair Hoists
The Chair Topper stores a foldable wheelchair within 30 seconds. The weather-tight fibreglass compartment weighs 55 kg and can be mounted on most vehicle models. The total weight, including wheelchair,…

Ghost 916R Accelerator System

Hand Controls
The Ghost is an innovative and revolutionary accelerating system, mounted directly under the steering wheel. This solution has over 60 years experience and allows the user to accelerate by simply…

Hand Controls (Jeff Gosling)

Hand Controls
Single combined accelerator brake lever. Pull up to accelerate – push away to brake. Fits most makes of car and can be fitted to automatic or manual cars. Simple and…
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