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Radial Accelerator

Standard push-pull hand controls. The Radial accelerator provides an alternative to the standard push-pull hand controls by offering simple non-tiring electronic acceleration. Acceleration is performed by simply pushing downwards on…

Ghost 916R Accelerator System

The Ghost is an innovative and revolutionary accelerating system, mounted directly under the steering wheel. This solution has over 60 years experience and allows the user to accelerate by simply…

Semi-Automatic Clutch System

The semi-autmatic or syncro clutch system allows you to dip the clutch with the touch of a button. Contact DaVinci to organise a demo

Over Ring Accelerator Brake System

The electronic ring accelerator is one of the most advanced driving adaptations available. It provides a light and non-tiring acceleration control with a positive and comfortable response. The system is…

Hand Controls (Jeff Gosling)

Single combined accelerator brake lever. Pull up to accelerate – push away to brake. Fits most makes of car and can be fitted to automatic or manual cars. Simple and…

Lodgesons Wireless Car Controls

5, 9 or 12 functions. Lodgesons keypad allows you to control: Lights Main beam Flash Dip Windscreen wipers Horn Washers Indicators Contact DaVinci to organise a demo
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