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DaVinci Viaggio

The DaVinci Viaggio 350w TrailRider, is an electric powered front wheel attachment fits most rigid frame wheelchairs. 350 watt high torque gear drive motor with high power programmable 12fet controller.…

Triride Powered Wheelchair Attachment

The Triride is compact, lightweight and attractive with agility and speed. Triride knows no obstacles — rough terrain and slopes are easily overcome. Great autonomy and power to satisfy even the most demanding users.…

DaVinci Veloce

Electric, Hybrid, Manual, Sport
The lightest power-assist hand cycle you can buy The powerful yet incredibly small hub motor weighs only 2.3kg and the 10ah battery that fits into a drinks bottle holder weighs…

DaVinci Trail Riders

The DaVinci Citta Trailrider, is an electric powered front wheel attachment that fits most rigid frame wheelchairs and allows the user to travel around the city with ease. It has…
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