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Lightweight Wheelchairs Penwortham

DaVinci Xtreme Ultra Wheelchair

Lightweight and totally custom built The lightest rigid-frame wheelchair we make at DaVinci and one lightest wheelchairs on the market. The frame is made from a special thin-wall aluminium tubing…

DaVinci Xtreme Wheelchair

Lightweight and totally custom built One of the lightest rigid-frame wheelchairs on the market, the frame is made from either titanium or aluminium tubing which gives it strength yet keeps…

DaVinci Kids Growing Wheelchair

Active, Kids
The DaVinci growing wheelchair frame keeps cost down as the frame will grow in three stages, from it’s original size of 12”x 12” seat to 15″ x 15”. The cantilever-style frame…

Motion Composites Helio A7

Active, Folding
When it comes to lightweight performance, Motion Composites is unrivaled. Take the Helio A7, for example. Our engineers’ cutting edge design, paired with the outstanding properties of 7000 series aluminum,…
Quickie Helium and other wheelchair brands also available from DaVinci Mobility

Quickie Helium

The Quickie Helium is THE active chair, providing perfect handling for optimised mobility. It’s ultra-lightweight – the lightest ‘production’ wheelchair on the market – from 6.5kg complete in 40cm x…
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