DaVinci Wheelchairs and Products

DaVinci Kids Growing Wheelchair

Active, Kids
The DaVinci growing wheelchair frame keeps cost down as the frame will grow in three stages, from it’s original size of 12”x 12” seat to 15″ x 15”. The cantilever-style frame…

DaVinci Manual HandCycle

Manual, Sport
So easy to use — just clip it onto your wheelchair and you can be hand biking in seconds. Ideal for the first time hand cyclist using a Shimano Nexus…

DaVinci Off Roadster Wheelchair

Off Road
The pefect off-road wheelchair for when the going gets tough Purpose-built, 0ff-road wheelchair frame with stability and durability in mind. The frame is made from thin wall aluminium tubing but with…

DaVinci Trail Riders

The DaVinci Citta Trailrider, is an electric powered front wheel attachment that fits most rigid frame wheelchairs and allows the user to travel around the city with ease. It has…

DaVinci Veloce

Electric, Hybrid, Manual, Sport
The lightest power-assist hand cycle you can buy The powerful yet incredibly small hub motor weighs only 2.3kg and the 10ah battery that fits into a drinks bottle holder weighs…

DaVinci Viaggio

The DaVinci Viaggio 350w TrailRider, is an electric powered front wheel attachment fits most rigid frame wheelchairs. 350 watt high torque gear drive motor with high power programmable 12fet controller.…
Lightweight Wheelchairs Chester

DaVinci XL Basketball Wheelchair

The DaVinci ZX Basketball is a totally custom-built sports chair with no adjustments to the wheel or seat positions, giving it maximum strength Features: Aluminium 7020-grade tube frame Totally custom-built…
Lightweight Wheelchairs Penwortham

DaVinci Xtreme Ultra Wheelchair

Lightweight and totally custom built The lightest rigid-frame wheelchair we make at DaVinci and one lightest wheelchairs on the market. The frame is made from a special thin-wall aluminium tubing…

DaVinci Xtreme Wheelchair

Lightweight and totally custom built One of the lightest rigid-frame wheelchairs on the market, the frame is made from either titanium or aluminium tubing which gives it strength yet keeps…
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