Lightweight Wheelchair LiverpoolIf you need a lightweight wheelchair Liverpool to enable you to play sport, we will create the perfect chair for your needs. We take into account the sport you want to play and will recommend a wheel chair that has the strength and durability to cope with the various strains it will be placed under. We also have a range of off road wheelchairs that are light enough to be used safely in challenging environments but still robust to take the punishment. Our lightweight wheelchairs are manufactured from special thin walled aluminium tubing which keeps the weight of the chair down while still providing all the necessary strength to the chair. Having a lightweight wheelchair enables the user to move more freely and requires less physical strength to move around. It also makes the chair very manoeuvrable and can be used easily both indoors and out.

We specialise in making wheelchairs for children. Lightweight wheelchair Liverpool units for growing children can be costly as new wheelchairs need to be procured as they grow. We design our chairs to last as long as possible before having to upgrade to a larger chair. We also have powered and non-powered hand crank cycles for people who want to keep fit and partake in various racing sports. The chairs have a wide range of adjustable and special fittings. The headrests and seats are made to conform to the body and be as comfortable as possible while still being adjustable when needed. The units can fold up so that they are easy to transport in a vehicle.

Our company will design and manufacture virtually any lightweight wheelchair Liverpool to your exact specifications and requirements.  Contact Da Vinci Mobility today and let us help you to find the perfect wheelchair for your unique requirements. We have been custom making wheelchair for our customers since 1990 and most of our customers return to us when they require upgrades to their machines. We are also experts when it comes to motor vehicle adaptations and are Motability accredited fitters of hand controls which allow our customers to use a vehicle for long distance travel or just to get to work each day.

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