LLightweight Wheelchair StockportWith a lightweight wheelchair Stockport, you can regain control of your mobility. Being confined to one place because of inability to move from one place to another can be depressing to a person, especially if no viable solution is available. Lightweight wheelchairs can help alleviate the burden of being stuck in one place and enable you to go about your daily life as usual. The best part is you don’t have to limit yourself to wheelchairs just for everyday use. If you’re a sports lover but have mobility problems, you can find something to help you take part in your favourite sports, even athletics. Petrol heads can also be catered to with ease. Advancement in technology has enabled everyone to be catered for, including the handicapped.

Da Vinci Mobility provides these and other products to suit your needs. Lightweight wheelchair Stockport can be made to your exact requirements and exact specifications. We have quite a number of years worth of experience to our name: since the 1990s to be exact. We use our experience in order to come up with a product that will leave you, our customer, with total satisfaction. We have a variety of wheelchairs in stock, each with specific features that comply with what you need. For instance, the Leggera wheelchair is our most versatile range. It is made of a simple cantilever-style frame that contributes to its lightweight nature and with little under the seat that causes obstruction; it can easily be loaded into a car. This takes away the guesswork of going on trips along with friends since you; your luggage and your chair will be well accommodated for. It even comes with a variable or fixed axle.

You have a variety of choices at your disposal when it comes to lightweight wheelchair Stockport. Contact Da Vinci Mobility today, and we’ll be happy to discuss all your wheelchair needs before going ahead to produce a chair suitable for you. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We’re happy to offer any clarity on the topic. Feel free to browse through what we have in stock.

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