Lightweight Wheelchair YorkIf you are looking for a quality lightweight wheelchair York, Da Vinci Mobility is available to assist.  If there’s someone in the family that requires the use of a wheelchair, it will be wise to consider getting one that is lightweight and compact. In that way, it will be easier to transfer the wheelchair to and from the car without much physical effort. Also, most lightweight models are compact, which means they can be easily folded to fit in the boot of a vehicle. It’s easier to select an adjustable and ultra-lightweight wheelchair if the user has changing needs and different destinations. At Da Vinci Mobility, we specialise in different mobility solutions and can build you a bespoke wheelchair.

We are experts when it comes to motor vehicle adaptations and can tailor build a lightweight wheelchair York as per your needs and requirements. Our aim at Da Vinci Mobility is to build quality wheelchairs for our disabled customers to assist them in their daily life and give them the independence they want to move wherever they want. The lightweight wheelchairs that we design are manufactured in titanium and aluminium and are perfect for everyday use, sports and even off road. If you have purchased your wheelchairs from us, please be informed that we are fully able to service it regularly to make sure that it’s in good condition. In the event the wheelchair needs to be repaired, we have all the necessary spare parts and equipment at our disposal to carry out a complete repair job. Since the 1990s, we’ve been providing our customers with amazing products and first-rate services, and it is no surprise that they return for upgrades.

For an amazing lightweight wheelchair York, get in touch with us at Da Vinci Mobility. Whether you want a generic wheelchair for short-term use, or you need one that is permanent and customised to your needs, you will find a large selection in our showroom. For more details about our lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility. Our team are experts in their field, and can assist you with the perfect wheelchair for your needs.

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