Lightweight Wheelchairs BradfieldFor lightweight wheelchairs Bradfield, speak to Da Vinci Mobility. We are a dedicated and skilled team who design and build custom lightweight wheelchairs for our clients. Since the early 1990s, we have offered an excellent service at affordable prices, so much so that many of our clients are repeat customers who are happy to return to us for an upgrade. We do enjoy chatting about anything mobility, so you are welcome to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Lightweight wheelchairs Bradfield are custom built to meet our clients’ specific requirements. The materials we use are both lightweight and strong ensuring a long lasting and hardy wheelchair. Using titanium and aluminium, we are confident in the quality and strength of our lightweight wheelchairs. Aluminium provides the ease of manoeuvrability and titanium provides the strength. When you are considering one of our lightweight wheelchairs, we can show you a number of different types of wheelchair, and based on your needs and preferences, you can select the design most suitable for you. The Leggera wheelchair, for example, is the most versatile of all our lightweight wheelchairs. It has a simple cantilever-style frame, which lends to it being a lightweight chair. It is also easy to load into a car. Its efficient design helps keep costs down.

Lightweight wheelchairs Bradfield have a large number of features. This makes the Leggera wheelchair a popular choice. From its tough, lightweight design, large choice of powder-coated colours to its fully adjustable custom-made upholstery, it is easy to see why this lightweight wheelchair is often selected by our clients. If you would like more information about our lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility today. The Leggera wheelchair is also available with a number of different options. These include a folding or fixed backrest, a large range of upholstery colours and materials, including leather, side guards in plastic or aluminium, as well as sports or height-adjustable arm rests. Speak to us today about our other lightweight wheelchairs. We are happy to assist with any queries or suggestions.

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