Lightweight Wheelchairs BradfordFor top of the range quality lightweight wheelchairs Bradford, contact Da Vinci Mobility. We supply a wide range of wheelchairs to serve different needs. We provide athlete wheelchairs, outdoor wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs. Movement is important since it allows people to perform a wide range of activities. Due to disease or disability, movement may be limited. Consequently, simple activities like going to the bathroom or enjoying the outdoors become difficult. We provide customised wheelchairs that make life easier. Considering individuals are unique, we specifically design our wheelchairs to meet the requirements made by the client. Aesthetically and functionally, our wheelchairs are superior.

The best mobility aids in the market are lightweight wheelchairs Bradford. Considering movement is already cumbersome for a sick, aged or disabled person, a heavy wheelchair only means more work. Wheelchairs are categorised into standard, lightweight and ultralight wheelchairs. At Da Vinci Mobility, we supply lightweight wheelchairs that are designed to minimise the effort of movement. Standard wheelchairs are heavy due to the steel structure. However lightweight wheelchairs comprise light aluminium components. The design minimises the weight of a wheelchair to less than 18kgs. As a result, our wheelchairs are easy to use and easy to maneuver. Despite the low weight, lightweight wheelchairs are durable. Therefore, you can enjoy the outdoors and move as much as you like without worrying about damages to your wheelchair.

Da Vinci Mobility is the home of top quality lightweight wheelchairs Bradford. We provide individualised care to all our clients and design personalised movement solutions. We consider the ages and activities of our clients in order to customise the best wheelchairs. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or a child, we will make a lightweight wheelchair for you. For years we have provided high-quality movement solutions and our reputation precedes us. All our wheelchairs are sturdy. We pride ourselves for maintaining consistency on the quality we deliver. Our solutions include auxiliary fixtures that make movement simpler. We also carry out car modifications for wheelchair users. Contact us today for lightweight wheelchairs. We promise quality at affordable rates.

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