Lightweight Wheelchairs BristolFor lightweight wheelchairs Bristol, Da Vinci Mobility is the retailer that goes beyond just a few styles and brands. We stock a broad selection of wheelchair and power scooter brands that we believe offer value for money. We service and repair all brands in our shop and maintain a stock of spare parts. Sometimes a person needs a specialised lightweight wheelchair. They want a better and more comfortable fit in a lightweight chair that is easy to transport. Or they need a chair that can take them off road onto the trails, the race track or basketball court. Our own Da Vinci Mobility brand is custom made on site especially to fit your needs. That includes children’s wheelchairs designed to grow with them.

If our clients could walk they would have more than a few shoes from which to choose and if needed they could order custom fit. Lightweight wheelchairs Bristol are the mode of mobility for our clients and one size, weight and style does not fit all. Walkers have shoes for walking, running, hiking, court and field sports. You will only wear those that are comfortable. We seek to bring some of that diversity of action to our mobility challenged clients. We can build a lightweight chair for you that will take you where you want to go in comfort and style. You may not be interested in sports chairs but you are likely interested in comfort. The chair has to fit you to be truly comfortable.

Whatever type of lightweight wheelchairs Bristol suits your lifestyle, we can supply the chair for you through one of our name brands, modification of an existing chair or a custom build. We build from aluminium and titanium for the lightest possible weight. They make day to day life much easier for whomever is responsible for folding and lifting the chair into and out of a car. Our lightweight chairs use far less energy to propel so the client doesn’t experience fatigue as quickly. Contact Da Vinci Mobility and schedule a consultation. Our staff is dedicated to the comfortable mobility of clients. You may be surprised at how much difference even small modifications can make in your life.

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