Lightweight Wheelchairs BuryDa Vinci Mobility has mastered the design and manufacture of lightweight wheelchairs Bury to suit individual needs and wants. Wheelchairs need to be sturdy, durable and easy to manoeuvre but still lightweight. It’s all about mobility and while wheelchairs provide that mobility it is increased one-hundred fold when it’s easy to transport the wheelchair to great destinations near and far. Your lightweight chair, custom fitted so the arm rests are exactly where they need to be for natural comfort and the same with the footrest enhances comfort. The wheel height and seat width will decide if your arms rest comfortably on the wheel for turning. One-half inch can make the difference either way. A lightweight chair is less tiring to operate.

The importance of a lightweight wheelchair can’t be overstated for the many people who prefer to be in control of their own mobility. For many, lightweight wheelchairs Bury means freedom from batteries, motors and their weight. To stay healthy and vigorous they want to self-power the chair. They can go all day without worrying about how many miles are left on their battery. When they load their lightweight chair, they are done. Of course there is a place for motorised wheelchairs but for otherwise active people, especially young people and athletes who like to compete, the lightweight self-powered chair keeps them in control with ease of operation.

Our lightweight wheelchairs Bury are possible because we use strong but lightweight materials like aluminium and titanium to manufacture them.  We are dedicated to making the world more accessible and we are succeeding. For more information about our lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility. We can make any wheelchair perfectly fitted to you and your lifestyle. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We also stock spare parts and everything you need to accessorise your ride for comfort, convenience and individual style. If you love basketball and racing, we can kit out a chair for your sport. We even have a great motorised all terrain 4 wheeler for those with want to take the trail less travelled.

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