Lightweight Wheelchairs DoncasterWe take great pride in providing lightweight wheelchairs Doncaster at Da Vinci Mobility. Each person is different, and we understand that each individual has his or her own specific needs for mobility. This is why we design and build bespoke lightweight wheelchairs to meet the needs of each customer. Our aim is to make the perfect wheelchair at an affordable price for each of our customers. We have been designing and making custom wheelchairs since the 1990’s and we have helped many people get the mobility they deserve.

For those looking for the best solution to get around, lightweight wheelchair Doncaster is an excellent choice. We are pleased to offer a range of different styles of wheelchairs. However, all are custom-built to fit you and meet your requirements. We offer the Leggara, a versatile wheelchair that has a light yet durable aluminium frame with a simple cantilever setup for easy loading and unloading. The Xtreme Ultra is the most lightweight model we stock. If you are looking for something more durable, the Xtreme can be made from titanium tubing instead of aluminium for ultimate durability.

The lightweight wheelchair Doncaster we can offer for growing children is the Da Vinci Leggara Kids Growing model. This wheelchair shifts in three stages from a 12” x 12” up to a 15” x 15” so you don’t have to keep upgrading throughout childhood. We also have a sports chair in the Da Vinci XL Basketball wheelchair. It is also lightweight, but sturdy and durable to ensure comfort and safety. If you are the adventurous type and like to go off road, the Da Vinci Roadster is an ideal choice. It is fitted with mountain bike wheels, so you can go all terrain with confidence. The roadster will also fit any of the powered or non-powered hand-crank cycles and other attachments we stock. For more information about our lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility and we will advise you on which model to have custom-built for you. If you need to get mobile, we can assist you with a custom-built lightweight wheelchair.

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