Lightweight Wheelchairs DoncasterLightweight wheelchairs Doncaster can help you get wherever and whenever you want. Da Vinci Mobility has many years’ experience in providing top-quality, affordable and purpose-built mobility equipment to a range of clients. We pride ourselves on being able to design and manufacture almost any kind of wheelchair, keeping the client’s requirements uppermost. You can give us your specifications, preferences and budget and we’ll come up with something to match. The materials used are specially designed to be light in weight, yet tough, hardwearing and powerful. These wheelchairs are built to ergonomic design, which helps people to use them at home, outdoors, in workplaces, leisure and entertainment spaces and even to play certain sports.

Lightweight wheelchairs Doncaster are portable and all you have to do is just fold them and stow them in your car’s boot or rear seat when you need to be at a distant location. When you get to your destination, you can hop back on to your wheelchair and carry on. Before you select a lightweight model, it’s important to consult your physiotherapist, occupational therapist, clinician or treating doctor. This is because the lightweight option should be used only when you’re sufficiently ready for it. Many people who have suffered from spinal cord injuries need to develop enough upper body strength, expertise and practice in using the wheelchair safely and smoothly. Otherwise, it could be risky and cause a huge amount of frustration. Lightweight chairs are designed to be smaller, foldable and provide the much needed independence and mobility to users. There are several options available in this category.

While selecting lightweight wheelchairs Doncaster, you’ll find that we offer a number of features. These include rigid frames that are tough, sturdy and fold down the middle to a smaller size. To find out more about our available lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility. Our lightweight wheelchairs are custom-built and are made using materials such as titanium and aluminium. Both ensure a strong and robust wheelchair that is lightweight and sturdy. We also offer wheelchair accessories, and we are also experts in motor vehicle adaptions.

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