When You Need Top Quality Lightweight Wheelchairs Gloucestershire

Lightweight Wheelchairs GloucestershireWho does not love zipping around in lightweight wheelchairs Gloucestershire as these wheelchairs give the user more freedom and independence? These wheelchairs are not only ideal for those who are disabled, but also for those who still have some use of their limbs. These wheelchairs give them the freedom to move around rather than being stuck in one place all the time. The wheelchairs are made with aluminium or titanium and are lighter than steel. At Da Vinci Mobility, since the year 1990, we have been making all kinds of wheelchairs that meet with your specifications and for which customers can upgrade as needed.

With the lightest rigid-frame wheelchairs being made from either titanium or aluminium tubing, these lightweight wheelchairs Gloucestershire provide strength for any user, whether child or adult. Look at one of the models – the Da Vinci Compatta. This is a folding-frame wheelchair, folding flat in 3 stages and in less than 30 seconds. The Leggera is considered the most versatile chair in the Da Vinci range. The stylish Da Vinci wheelchairs are all different and can be made with various colours and styles to suit the user’s preferences. They are so easy to manoeuvre around and being ergonomically designed, they can be lifted and folded for everyday use.

These amazing lightweight wheelchairs Gloucestershire come with a host of useful features such as their hideaway or standard brake, the height-adjustable backrest and the variable or fixed axle plus there are lots of options, depending on how you want to use your wheelchair. Why not contact us and find out more about these amazing wheelchairs and some of their options? These include the likes of a removable under-seat bag, different wheel sizes and styles, different upholstery colours and having a trail rider fitting attached among many others. We are all about customised wheelchairs that use the user like a glove fits a hand. Many people, old and young, with access to a lightweight folding wheelchair can simply live life to the full and maintain their mobility and independence.

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