Lightweight Wheelchairs HalifaxWe offer a wide range of mobility products including lightweight wheelchairs Halifax which are just one of our many creations. We make a range of bespoke children’s wheelchairs as well as powered wheelchair and mobility scooters. We have a number of machines to increase the fitness of the user. The hand cycle is one of our machines which can build upper body strength and is ideal for cycling with friends. It is very easy to operate and has a gear shifter mounted on top of the frame to select the gear most comfortable for your pace. There are three sizes available, a mini seat width of 12 inches, a midi seat width of 15 inches and a maxi width seat of 18 inches. Should you have additional requirements we can custom fit them to your specifications.

We are amongst the top designers and manufacturers of lightweight wheelchairs Halifax. Our specially crafted wheelchairs are made to suit a particular user in all aspects of height and weight as well as all other dimensions. The wheelchairs are made to enable the user to be as active as they wish and are made to be strong yet light in weight. This allows them to be easily manoeuvred and transported. The units are manufactured of thin walled aluminium tubing or titanium as well a carbon fibre where necessary. This reduces the overall weight of the chairs but makes them strong enough for even the most gruelling circumstances. They are ergonomically designed to be lifted into a car by the driver and stowed on either the front or rear passenger seat.

Our company will design and manufacture virtually any lightweight wheelchairs Halifax to your exact specifications and requirements.  Contact Da Vinci Mobility today and let us help you to find the perfect wheelchair for your unique requirements. We have been custom making wheelchair for our customers since 1990 and most of our customers return to us when they require upgrades to their machines. We are also experts when it comes to motor vehicle adaptations and are Motability accredited fitters of hand controls which allow our customers to use a vehicle for long distance travel or just to get to work each day.

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