Lightweight Wheelchairs HalifaxFor an amazing range of lightweight wheelchairs Halifax, visit Da Vinci Mobility. We specialise in lightweight wheelchairs as well as wheelchairs for athletes, the outdoors and even powered ones. If you have limited mobility and strictly require a wheelchair to move around, we will be happy to build you one around your specific needs. No two individuals are the same, and that’s why we find it’s important to accommodate their different needs. On top of that, the materials that we use are light but very strong and durable, therefore, perfect if you need move around a lot.

Our wheelchairs can be easily folded for storage in the boot of a car, and your attendant will not find it difficult to load and unload the wheelchair at every stop. Lightweight wheelchairs Halifax can be ordered from Da Vinci Mobility. We’ve been customising wheelchairs according to the needs of clients since the 1990s, and we now have hundreds of happy customers who always come back,  whether it’s for a servicing or an upgrade. There are plenty of reasons to choose customised wheelchairs; firstly, they are built around your height and your weight, and if you prefer to roam outdoors, we will make it safe and ready to hit the roads. We also take into consideration the age and activities of the wheelchair users; children and teenagers grow up quite fast, so, we will build them a wheelchair that is suitable, and one that they can use for quite a while before upgrading to something bigger or larger. We have a good stock of hand-powered wheelchairs, hand cycles, and beach trail riders if you are interested in our readily available wheelchairs.

We are passionate about creating the perfect lightweight wheelchairs Halifax for our clients. If you have a vehicle, please note that we are experts when it comes to motor vehicle adaptations, and we are accredited fitters of hand controls. We would love to discuss about all things mobility, so, please, don’t hesitate to contact Da Vinci Mobility if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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