Lightweight Wheelchairs HarrogateWe have lightweight wheelchairs Harrogate, but with a difference. The difference is we engineer and manufacture lightweight wheelchairs from aluminium and titanium to meet the specific needs and purpose of the individual. We also stock ready-made name brand wheelchairs that are manually operated or battery powered. You will find a selection of motorised scooters as well. These standard products are suitable for many and we want to supply all of our customers. Some of our customers are children and children grow. So we have a growing wheelchair frame that will grow in three stages. With children you are on the go so you need a chair easily loaded in the car and this frame is perfect. The front wheel frame cantilevers so as not to obstruct the underside of the chair. It’s lightweight and easily handled plus you have many options to customise it to suit.

Some of our customers are agile with upper body strength to fold and store their wheelchair in their car. However, lightweight wheelchairs Harrogate make the task doable. For many of our customers a lightweight wheelchair that folds easily and fits their body proportions accurately is all they require and we’re happy to make sure they get the exact fit. Other of our customers are very active in sports such as basketball and marathons. The chairs definitely need to be lightweight with great manoeuvrability. The light weight is important for everyone because it takes less energy to propel but that’s especially true when playing sports. We know how to fit one of our lightweight chairs to your body size and design it to function as needed for your sport of choice.

All our lightweight wheelchairs Harrogate are fitted to the individuals’ proportions for comfort and ease of use.  But make no mistake; they are durable and stable. You can customise your own chair further by selecting the upholstery, the colour, attachments that matter to you, and more. Our company has been making custom wheelchairs over 20 years to customer specifications. Contact us to find out what we can do for you. Almost everybody has one wish they want to make their wheelchair more compatible with their lifestyle and interests. We can talk about the things that matter most to you and come up with a workable solution. We’re here for aftercare for our customers. We handle repairs, upgrades and adjustments. We also stock accessories; some you may find useful.

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