Lightweight Wheelchairs HarrogateLightweight wheelchairs Harrogate are used by individuals at all levels of mobile abilities. Since we are a society on the go, lightweight transportable wheelchairs are used by either the person with mobility challenges or one providing assistance. Whether it’s every day or occasional, we want wheelchairs to be easily folded and stored in our cars. The one capable of driving and manoeuvring themselves from chair to car and car to chair need a chair they can quickly lift, fold and store by themselves. If an assistant is going to store the chair in the boot, it should not be a struggle. Once the individual is in the chair, it should be comfortable for extended periods of time. A lightweight chair will be more easily maneuverer and require less energy which translates into longer and more enjoyable outings.

Lightweight chairs that meet that criteria for comfort, ease of transport and mobility is the notion for which we at Da Vinci Mobility are dedicated. For that reason, our lightweight wheelchairs Harrogate are customised for the individual. We make them from lightweight titanium and aluminium which provides durability and stability while still weighing little. Every detail matters when being fitted for a chair. A detail that is no big bother for the first fifteen minutes can result in aches and pains over the course of hours. So back support, cushion comfort, perfect extension length from hip to knee and knee to foot must be exact. The height from seat to armrests should match your own. There just is not a one size fits all.

For children, lightweight wheelchairs Harrogate are manufactured to adapt to those growth spurts all young people experience. It’s just not practical to replace a chair every six months or necessary to use a chair that no longer fits correctly. Once the adjustments are no longer sufficient to keep up with growth, we can rework the same chair to make it fit comfortably again. Contact Da Vinci Mobility and schedule your fitting for a lightweight wheelchair for your on the go lifestyle. We can build in or attach the accessories that are important and helpful to you. Don’t worry about style; we’ve got your colour.

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