Lightweight Wheelchairs HarrogateOur lightweight wheelchairs Harrogate bring a whole new meaning to accessibility at Da Vinci Mobility. Tell us where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there. If we don’t already have the wheelchair for the job we start designing one. We want to bring our clients out to the races, onto the basketball court and the hill climbing trails. If you’re not that adventuresome and just want to stroll along the river path or across to the far soccer field we will do our best to get you there in comfort and style. Our wheelchairs are built to go where you want to go not just where the way has been specially prepared. If you prefer the feel of flat pavement under your wheels, our custom designed wheelchairs will keep you comfortable along the way.

We put a lot of emphasis on keeping our wheelchairs lightweight for all segments of the population whether adults, athletes, children or the elderly. Lightweight wheelchairs Harrogate are less tiring for the user to manoeuvre without sacrificing durability and comfort. They are also less burdensome to lift for transport. We manufacture our wheelchairs from titanium, aluminium and carbon fibre so the framework is light and strong. Then we add ergonomically correct seating, arm rests and foot platforms designed to your height, weight, arm and leg length. We even make kids lightweight wheelchairs that we “let out” so it can grow with the child. We adapt the chair to the individual for the most perfect fit possible.

Once the fit of your lightweight wheelchairs Harrogate is perfected we can then add accessories designed for various sports and activities. You can choose your preferred operation to fit your lifestyle. Those with mobile ability enjoy push rims or hand cycles for use in sports while other prefer a fully powered chair. We also have accessories designed for individual convenience. Tell us what colour you want and we’ll do our best to see that you have it. Contact Da Vinci Mobility for lightweight custom wheelchairs. We are among the industry leaders for the design and manufacture of lightweight wheelchairs. So if you want to take on that half pipe we’ll build the chair that will help you succeed.

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