Lightweight Wheelchairs Huddersfield Get in touch with Da Vinci Mobility for top quality, comfortable lightweight wheelchairs Huddersfield. Conventional wheelchairs can be somewhat of a problem to users, as most of them are heavy, they can be difficult to operate, and they can certainly make the user as well as the attendant feel exhausted during transfers. However, at Da Vinci Mobility, we try to do things differently. Over the past years, our main aim has been to relieve wheelchair users by providing them with quality and purpose-built wheelchairs, including products that are suitable for cars or sport or outdoors.

Don’t worry, if you’ve been looking for wheelchairs that are built around your daily life, you will find an amazing range in our showroom. We can also build custom lightweight wheelchairs Huddersfield if our customers are looking for something that is built to their specific needs. No two people are the same, and since 1990, we’ve been building bespoke wheelchairs. We have hundreds of happy customers who are always coming back, whether it’s for a servicing or an upgrade. We are also experts when it comes to motor vehicle adaptations. This means that we can provide you with car accessories that will provide you with the freedom of driving your car. We are Mobility accredited fitters of hand controls, so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. We always love to chat to our customers, get to know them and make sure that they are completely happy with their lightweight wheelchairs, and that they have the freedom to practise their favourite sports or enjoy the outdoors.

Our custom lightweight wheelchairs Huddersfield can be easily folded to be stored in the boot of a vehicle. If you have any questions about our products, contact Da Vinci Mobility today. We are the experts when it comes to wheelchairs, and our team will not hesitate to go the extra mile, whether it’s about a simple servicing or the construction of a completely new wheelchair.

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