Lightweight Wheelchairs HullAt Da Vinci Mobility, we custom-build lightweight wheelchairs Hull. We want each of our clients to have the mobility assistance that best fits their personal lifestyle. Tell us what you want to do. If it’s within the realm of possibility, we will do our best to design and build a wheelchair to meet that goal. Maybe you want to play basketball, floor hockey, compete in marathons or rule at Fortnite. Many people just love to be outdoors, wheeling along river walks and festival pathways or woodsy trails. Do you love to spend long hours at the art museum, doing your sketches of the Masters work. The mainstay of all those activities is a lightweight wheelchair fitted exactly to your body size. The lighter the chair weight, the greater your own endurance for the activities that matter to you.

If you drive or even if someone else drives, transporting your wheelchair should not require Herculean arm strength. Lightweight wheelchairs Hull are lighter than the average easy to fold standard wheelchairs on the market. Standard average weight is upwards of 35 pounds. Our wheelchairs are made from titanium and aluminium for lighter weight. Of course, as you add attachments, the weight increases but that’s okay when those attachments add quality to the experience. At Da Vinci Mobility, we have been designing and building lightweight custom wheelchairs over twenty years. We also have select motorised chairs and scooters. For off-road adventure, check out our new off-road model that can take you on the road less travelled or even non-existent road.

When we custom build lightweight wheelchairs Hull we start with a consultation to discuss your needs. We learn what specific accommodations you would like to have on your wheelchair and we may recommend some we think you will appreciate. We take your measurements and size the seating, armrests and footrests to fit you. You will select the cushion materials you prefer for comfort. We can powder coat in a variety of colours, so we want to know your favourite. Your chair is built to suit you. Contact Da Vinci Mobility and schedule a consultation. As time goes by, you can always bring your wheelchair in for adjustments as needed.

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