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Lightweight Wheelchairs IpswichLightweight wheelchairs Ipswich are available on order at Da Vinci Mobility.  We are pleased to say that we can make any wheelchair to your specifications. Since the 1990’s we’ve been manufacturing lightweight wheelchairs to our clients’ specifications, and continue to provide an exceptional service to all our clients. The lightweight wheelchairs we provide are custom built using aluminium and titanium. They are suitable for everyday use, for sports and for off road usage.

The main purpose of a wheelchair is to provide mobility. Lightweight wheelchairs Ipswich offer not only mobility, but ease of use, practicality, and make daily activities faster and simpler. There are a number of attractive benefits of a lightweight wheelchair, and perhaps the most noticeable is its ease of use. It is also easy to carry, store and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Another benefit is that they are easier to   manoeuvre than a standard wheelchair.  At Da Vinci Mobility, we have a range of custom-built wheelchairs. You can choose from the Da Vinci Leggera wheelchair, the extreme Ultra wheelchair, the off roadster wheelchair and the Compatta folding wheelchair. They are expertly custom built, each with its own features. We also have lightweight wheelchairs especially designed for children. The Da Vinci Leggera Kids Growing wheelchair is a unique and innovative design. Made from lightweight aluminium, its frame will ‘grow’ in three stages, from its original size of 12”x 12” seat to 15″ x 15”. This will ensure that costs remain at a minimum as there will be no need to replace the wheelchair as the child gets older. Smart looking and versatile, it boasts a number of features such as side guards in plastic or aluminium, and a range of upholstery material in different colours, including leather. It is also available with a folding or fixed backrest, a flip-back footrest, as well as sports or height-adjustable arm rests and clamp-on, and screw-in or height-adjustable push handles.

Use lightweight wheelchairs Ipswich for ease of manoeuvrability. For more information about our lightweight wheelchairs contact Da Vinci Mobility today. While custom built wheelchairs are what we are best known for, we also offer servicing, spare parts, motor vehicle adaptions and powered mobility options.

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