Lightweight Wheelchairs ManchesterWhen you are looking for lightweight wheelchairs Manchester, speak to a professional company. Since the 1990’s, we have provided our clients with custom built lightweight wheelchairs to meet their requirements. All the wheelchairs we design and build are custom built using only the best quality products. We use both titanium and aluminium for the frames of the wheelchairs as they are both extremely strong, and lightweight materials.

We offer a range of products, among them, lightweight wheelchairs Manchester. These include different types of wheelchairs suitable for a variety of uses. Indoor and off road usage, children’s wheelchairs, sport usage and also offer spare and replacement parts and servicing. Our wheelchairs are custom built, just for you. Speak to us about your requirements and we will design and custom build a wheelchair that is uniquely yours. Many of our customers are satisfied repeat customers who, happy with our service, return to us for an upgrade. We are proud to offer a competitively priced, professional service that is second to none.

For the best lightweight wheelchairs Manchester, contact Da Vinci Mobility today. We are also happy to answer any of your queries and can provide suggestions about the most suitable lightweight wheelchair for your particular needs. We understand the importance of improved mobility, and with our lightweight wheelchairs, you will benefit from a number of advantages. As our wheelchairs are made from lightweight materials, they are easier to transport, and their ergonomic and compact, lightweight design makes them easy to fold and store during transportation. As they are light weight, they are easier to manoeuvre for both the user and the person pushing the wheelchair. The wheelchairs are also available with a number features for the comfort of the rider. Fully-adjustable, custom-made upholstery, a large choice of colours, different wheel sizes and styles, and folding or fixed backrest are but a few of the features included with our first class wheelchairs. Our growing kids wheelchair is specifically designed with a lightweight frame that can grow in 3 stages. This also helps to keep costs down.

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