Lightweight Wheelchairs Milton Keynes for Life on the Go

Lightweight Wheelchairs Milton Keynes For life on the go, you need lightweight wheelchairs Milton Keynes  by Da Vinci Mobility. We have mastered the ability to build strong with lightweight materials. Wheelchairs used to be so heavy it could take two people to carry one. Every attachment, even the leather cushions, added more weight. Those for whom walking was a challenge found their excursions away from home limited and always dependent on a helper. That is why, in the 1990’s we began to build wheelchairs with the individual in mind. We chose to use lightweight but strong materials like aluminium and configure the chair to individual needs. A 3-position footrest and 2-position armrest was not our idea of a custom chair.

We measure the individual and construct the chair to fit them. Lightweight wheelchairs Milton Keynes are also constructed for specific use so the user can participate more fully in life. Some chairs are constructed for the purpose of playing sports and others are built to take the user to places previously inaccessible, like a hiking trail. In addition to the custom fit and lightweight qualities of our wheelchairs, we want our chairs to be easily portable. That means they should fold and unfold easily and fit in the back seat or boot of a car. Being lightweight and foldable means that often the user is completely independent of others. But even when they need assistance, the journey is easier for all.

We make lightweight wheelchairs Milton Keynes  for children that will adjust as the child grows. We want the children to be able to customise their own lightweight wheelchair. We make the chair to fit them but they give their chair style. They have a selection of colours we can use to powder coat the chair. Upholstery fabrics and designs of their choice are available. We want to give them more than mobility. We want to give them a very cool ride. customised to fit their body, comfort and style. We can incorporate add ons that make their daily tasks easier. Contact Da Vinci Mobility and schedule a consultation with our staff. We have wonderful ideas we think you will love.

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