Lightweight Wheelchairs Milton KeynesGet more independent and mobile with lightweight wheelchairs Milton Keynes. At Da Vinci Mobility, we offer a comprehensive range of mobility solutions to suit your unique needs, preferences and budget. We specialise in custom built, lightweight wheelchairs in materials like aluminium and titanium suited for a range of purposes from everyday use to competitive sports and off-roading. All our products are tough, sturdy and can withstand high impact and rough use. They are constructed by design experts, keeping in mind the changing needs of persons with temporary or permanent disabilities and/or restricted mobility. One of the issues faced by wheelchair users is their cumbersome and bulky design, weight and difficulties in manoeuvring. Heavy and difficult to operate wheelchairs can cause frustration, depression and even worsen your condition. Today, with modern technological advances in the field, we are proud to offer our clients international quality products suited to your requirements.

Lightweight wheelchairs Milton Keynes are also much easier to fold and transport in your car. Since they’re portable, it means a wider social life and better career options. Lightweight chairs are also more convenient to use as self-propelled chairs. We can build the chair to suit your seating size, height and weight. These chairs are also much easier to store in smaller spaces compared to traditional bulky options. These are the right choice if you need to move around whether inside the house or outside. People feel much more inclined to go out when the wheelchair is light, foldable and easy to stow in a car or bus. You can also choose a variety of different options like ultra-lightweight, ergonomic, powered, transport, and standing, depending on your particular health condition and mobility requirements.

Our lightweight wheelchairs Milton Keynes can be upholstered in fabrics of your choice with height adjustable back-rest and fitted or variable axle. You also get to choose your preferred shade of powder coating, making the chair truly your own. We provide your choice of wheels and braking systems, side guards and arm-rests according to your specifications. For more information about our custom built lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vince Mobility. We ensure that we get detailed instructions from you before we undertake production.

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