Innovative Wheelchair Designs for Lightweight Wheelchairs Northampton

Lightweight Wheelchairs NorthamptonDesigning and supplying lightweight wheelchairs Northampton is an extremely rewarding job. We have the privilege of improving the livelihoods of our clients and their families. Our wheelchairs restore our customers’ independence to a large extent. They free our customers to move around freely without relying on nurses and family members to push them. Lightweight wheelchairs are ideal for users who don’t have a lot of upper body strength. With our wheelchairs, new users can develop their strength gradually while enjoying unlimited mobility. The joy of delivering new mobility solutions to our customers inspires our creative team to constantly come up with new innovative wheelchair designs.

We have been in operation for close to 30 years and have never come across two clients who were completely alike. Lightweight wheelchairs Northampton can be custom built to suit our customers’ unique needs. We offer three main types of wheelchairs; manual, powered and sport. The manual range features the lightest models designed for simple applications. The powered wheelchair range is equipped with dynamic rear-wheel drive components, an advanced control system and a powerful yet lightweight battery pack. Our sports wheelchairs push the boundaries of reliability and robustness; they are suited for a range of activities including basketball, football and racing.

In response to customer feedback, we extended our designs beyond the standard lightweight wheelchairs Northampton. We have integrated our style to develop a range of hand cycles, power trikes and mobility scooters. To further enhance the mobility of our clients, we have a team of specialised technicians who do car adaptations to suit your needs. We can install driving assisting modifications such as the Ghost 916R Accelerator System, Jeff Gosling Hand Controls and the Lodgesons Wireless Car Control Systems. We can also equip your car with a Roof Spider or Braun Roof Topper wheelchair hoists as well as a range of Autochair Smart Lifters. For extra ease getting into or out of your car, we can install our electric or manual AutoAdapt turnout swivel car seat. Contact Da Vinci Mobility today to learn more about our products and services. Our team of friendly staff is always ready to respond to your questions and cater to your needs.

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