Lightweight Wheelchairs NottinghamLightweight wheelchairs Nottingham are designed to make movement simpler. They come in handy for the disabled and the elderly who have difficulty moving around. The design of a good wheelchair maximises efficiency and comfort while minimising the effort needed to move. Unfortunately, not all wheelchairs meet these standards. Comfort on most wheelchairs is only offered by a thin sitting surface. Considering some users spend most of their time on the wheelchair it’s important to set up all the necessary features that guarantee comfort. One huge dilemma in designing wheelchairs is the weight and efficiency of the system. Although wheelchairs make movement possible, the weight on most of the design makes movement difficult. The solution to ease the effort of movement is lightweight wheelchairs.

Lightweight wheelchairs Nottingham are carefully designed to offer all the necessary features while keeping the load of movement to the minimum. They combine a sleek design and a lightweight build to give a highly efficient movement aid. The wheelchairs are designed from lightweight aluminium components that reduce the total weight to less than 18kgs. The low weight translates to easier movement and manoeuvring. Users admit an increased desire to move and an unparalleled convenience from the lightweight wheelchairs. Despite the light weight, the wheelchairs are durable due to their sturdy build. The aluminium is rust free and is strong and durable.

Lightweight wheelchairs Nottingham are the best moving aids for anyone looking to get a wheelchair. They are convenient, stylish and practical. Da Vinci Mobility is the home of quality lightweight wheelchairs. We have an enviable reputation of designing and supplying quality products. We stock some of the best wheelchairs in the market with guaranteed top performance, unparalleled durability and the best prices. We provide personalised services and sound advice to all clients who walk in through our door. Our wheelchairs serve an array of needs including outdoor performance. Contact us today for more information about our lightweight wheelchairs. We are pleased offer top quality wheelchairs at affordable rates and all our products are guaranteed to last.

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