Lightweight Wheelchairs NottinghamWhen in the market for lightweight wheelchairs Nottingham be sure your weight comparisons are like for like. For instance, you may see a 16 X 16 manual wheelchair with an advertised weight of 30 pounds. Your first clue to tread carefully is the 16X16 size. That size is smaller than the most common size which is actually 18X16 and weighs over five pounds more. So, you figure the standard sized manual wheelchair is about 35 pounds but you may be wrong. It’s possible the manufacturer and advertiser have not included the weight of the foot rests, arm rests and any other attachments you may require. The weight you see advertised is going to be for the configuration that adds up to the lowest weight. Your 30 pound wheelchair may turn out to be 40 pounds.

The lighter the wheelchair the less energy needed to operate it. For those facing mobility challenges, lightweight wheelchairs Nottingham make their lives less taxing as they manoeuvre through the day. Even for those able to fold and stow their wheelchair while driving, the task is easier with a lightweight chair. It’s easier regardless of who has to lift it. The weight of a chair can make the difference in everyday life. For those who participate in sports, or other physically challenging activities, a lightweight wheelchair is essential. We specialise in lightweight wheelchairs, custom chairs for a variety of sports and children’s chairs. When your wheelchair feels more like an extension of yourself than an encumbrance, life becomes more enjoyable.

Lightweight wheelchairs Nottingham are designed and built from aluminium and titanium to guarantee the lightest weight possible. Yet they are durable enough for off road and active sports whilst making everyday life easier. We are a complete mobility supplier so we offer a selection of motorised wheelchairs and scooters that are quality brands. Our service department staff stocks spare parts for your choice of mobility products and we service and repair what we sell. Call us or stop by and let us show you what we can do that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. You have options and making the most of those options means nobody side lines you. Your competitive nature can still have free reign from the seat of our lightweight wheelchairs.

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