Lightweight Wheelchairs ReadingFor a wide range of lightweight wheelchairs Reading, remember Da Vinci Mobility. Our wheelchairs can be uniquely designed for any requirement. This includes styles from a basic folding wheelchair to a sports wheelchair and even a hand-powered vehicle or a fully powered wheelchair. Each person requires a different size wheelchair for very specific conditions. All of our wheelchairs are designed in light materials but are strong enough to withstand the rigours of daily use. Special material such as aluminium tubing is used to ensure the wheelchairs are light for easy transport.

We offer a range of hand-powered trikes and bikes for our customers who want to carry on with outdoor sports. Lightweight wheelchairs Reading can be designed and manufactured for any sport you wish to partake in.  We also carry out car adaptations to allow our clients to drive their cars to the shops or sports activities. Our range of Invacare powered wheelchairs are chosen and adapted for people with more severe disabilities. They still need to be fitted out to suit each individual for comfort and ease of mobility. All our lightweight wheelchairs are available with a number of attractive options, and all can be adapted to suit your style and requests.

As one of the most progressive companies, we take great pride in our lightweight wheelchairs Reading. If you are interested in choosing from one of our many superbly built lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility today and make an appointment to meet our team. We have many years of experience in making sure each wheelchair fits each person’s needs and wants. We may take a little more time over the appointment so that we can measure various body lengths and reaches and manufacture a chair that is perfectly suited in every way for you. We have an extensive range of spare parts for all eventualities. If the chair is used to its full potential, there will be some wear and tear. If parts malfunction or break, they will need to be replaced. You cannot go wrong with a custom-built lightweight wheelchair from our expert team.

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