Lightweight Wheelchairs Salford Lightweight  wheelchairs Salford from Da Vinci Mobility are suited for varied requirements, ages and can be  true companions  to their users  on many an exciting journey. Our products have easy, hand held controls or are powered. They are manufactured using light, sturdy materials making every day handling easy for all. Wheelchair technology has advanced so much today. Additionally, with innovative product design and engineering, we have handy accessories to maximise operations and ensure that clients have it easy. Some of our popular products include manual or powered vehicles, hand cycles for both children and adults and powered or mobility scooters.

Lightweight wheelchairs Salford are becoming increasingly popular and providing a new meaning to life. The term, “confined to a wheelchair” will be soon go completely out of use.  Our clients can perform incredible feats – climbing mountain slopes, enjoying riverside serenity, escaping to a favourite hideaway, jet-setting on holidays or just doing everyday chores like grocery-shopping or meeting  friends in town. Increased mobility has changed lives forever and for the better! Our wheelchairs are built for style, strength and safety. Carbon frames keep them light and strong, while back, arm and foot-rests make for convenience and comfort. Our specialised products for children, with the ‘let out’ feature literally ’grows’ with your child!

Lightweight wheelchairs Salford from Da Vinci Mobility have made us pioneers in wheelchair manufacture. Our expertise and overall understanding of the importance of flexibility in today’s lifestyles have made us a much sought-after name in the field. A detailed consultation will help us to understand your needs, the kind of accessories that will maximise usage and help customise according to specific function. Hand cycles or push-rims for mobility or fully powered chairs for those who like to be outdoors are some of the exciting options we offer. Complementary attachments include power attachments, trailers and custom wheels for use in different terrains, choice of colour, ergonomic seating for comfort and a stylish structure for the right look. If you are looking for lightweight wheelchairs, be sure to contact Da Vinci Mobility. Our catalogues and customer relations experts provide advice and assistance in designing your own, perfect chair on wheels!

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