Lightweight Wheelchairs SouthportLightweight wheelchairs Southport can help you maintain your mobility and independence. At Da Vinci Mobility, we specialise in wheelchair design. Our wheelchairs are designed to maximise your range of movement while providing flexibility and adaptability. At Da Vinci Mobility, we can provide you with purpose-built, high quality and affordable wheelchairs. We can offer a wheelchair that meets your specific requirements and budget. Our design experts can manufacture any type of wheelchair you require. Meeting your requirements is our top priority. If there’s an adaptation that’s necessary, we can  make it happen.

Lightweight wheelchairs Southport are easy to manoeuvre and transport. Our lightweight wheelchairs are powerful, hardwearing and flexible. This type of wheelchair has an ergonomic design, making it easy to use anywhere, whether at work, at home or out of doors. With our lightweight wheelchairs, you can go anywhere you like without worrying about how to move your wheelchair around. Our lightweight wheelchair will easily fold up and stow away into the boot of your car and even the back seat. When you arrive at your desired location, simply open the boot, open the fold and use the wheelchair. To be able to use our lightweight model, it’s vital to consult your occupational therapist, physiotherapist or clinician. This is important because our lightweight model is suitable for individuals who are ready for it.  If you’ve suffered from injury to your spinal cord, then you will need to develop ample upper body strength to use it. Our lightweight models are smaller in size, making folding easy. There are multiple options available in this model. These models feature sturdy and tough exteriors with the ability fold into half the size.

For ease of movement and flexibility, consider lightweight wheelchairs Southport. Contact Da Vinci Mobility today to find out more about our range of lightweight wheelchairs. We can custom build this wheelchair model to suit your individual requirements. All our wheelchairs are built from aluminium and titanium. Apart from adding adaptations, you can also include wheelchair accessories to improve your comfort level.

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