Lightweight Wheelchairs SouthportLightweight wheelchairs Southport are gaining in popularity. Paraplegics and their caregivers have a challenge moving around and the conventional wheelchairs have a wide variety of limitations. Our company has been building and improving modern wheelchairs since the 1990s and have a long list of happy customers enjoying our products. Our innovative solutions are designed to push boundaries and reduce the limitations imposed on our clients by their health and physical circumstances. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and try to imagine what mobility options they would like to have then go to work to develop a solution that meets their desires.

We always put our customers first and our aim is to make their lives easier. Our speciality is lightweight wheelchairs Southport which are not only easier to move, they are durable and weather resistant. Made from aluminium and titanium, these wheelchairs are reputed to be among the lightest in the world. The wheelchairs have no iron in them and as such are not prone to rust and do not need layers of protective paint or treatment. Our custom built wheelchairs can be designed to suit any purpose and style. Depending on the demand, we produce wheelchairs for everyday use, sports and off-road terrains. We also have powered wheelchairs, tricycles and scooters that put a lighter demand on your hands.

Our company prides itself in fulfilling an ever-growing demand for lightweight wheelchairs Southport. We supply our wheelchairs all over the country and abroad. Users can also buy a range of accessories and attachments to complement their wheelchairs such as power attachments, beach trailers, and custom wheels for use in different settings. Contact Da Vinci Mobility today to get a range of the products we have to offer. Our customer relations representative will be more than happy to guide you to the product that is best suited for you. If you cannot find what you need in our catalogue, our designers can sit down with you and come up with a custom design to your liking.

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