Lightweight Wheelchairs SwanseaCustom lightweight wheelchairs Swansea from Da Vinci Mobility can be used for everyday purposes, sports and off road needs. We design and manufacture lightweight wheelchairs according to your custom specifications as well as our best-selling designs. We also supply powered wheels including Motion Assist and Motion Drive, Alber E-motion, Alber E-Fix, and SD Motion Drive, and sell folding wheelchairs and electric scooters from other brands such as Sunrise Medical, Motion Composites, Panthera and more.

Our lightweight wheelchairs Swansea are made from aluminium and titanium for enhanced structural support and durability without the heavy weight of denser materials. We can manufacture any wheelchair or mobility aid you require, including a complete range of children’s bespoke wheelchairs, adult powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and lightweight hand cycles, tricycles and tandems for children and adults to assist fitness and sport. We supply spare parts such as tyres, wheels, castors and upholstery for all shapes and types of wheelchairs, and offer full maintenance and repair services for all makes of wheelchairs, hand cycles and mobility accessories. As Motability accredited fitters, we are also able to install hand controls, electronic clutches left foot accelerators and wheelchair hoists for motor vehicles.

Do you have a loved one who struggles with mobility and could benefit from lightweight wheelchairs Swansea? Why not refer them to us? We have a proud history of nearly 20 years of excellent quality, sensible prices and satisfied customers. Contact DA Vinci Mobility today to find out more about our lightweight wheelchairs. Our customer-centric approach and bespoke services will ensure that your loved one will be outfitted with a custom wheelchair suited to their unique needs, preferences and budget. The lightweight nature of our wheelchairs makes them ideal for those who have musculoskeletal problems and struggle with lifting weights, as well as children. Sportspeople and those who are always on the go can benefit as they are not weighed down by bulky wheelchairs that impede speed and agility. Our wheelchairs can be folded in under 30 seconds and easily transported in your vehicle. Let us help improve your loved one’s mobility and ease of daily tasks with our bespoke wheelchairs.

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