Lightweight Wheelchairs Wallasey, Custom Fit, Easy to Manoeuvre

Lightweight Wheelchairs WallaseyLightweight wheelchairs Wallasey can be found at Da Vinci Mobility. We specialise in custom-fit chairs for our clients that are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and easily transported. Durability and longevity are essential to our clients so the materials we use are strong yet lightweight. The range of chairs we supply is wide and diverse. Staying mobile with the greatest amount of comfort and the least amount of fatigue is always our goal. But some of our clients ask for more than comfort and lightweight. We have some growing children as clients and they need a wheelchair that will grow with them; so that’s what we supply. Others demand wheels that can take them down the path less travelled through the woods and along the lake trails. We do that too.

We even have athletes that are so competitive in basketball and marathons that we basically serve as their pit crew. For our valued clients, lightweight wheelchairs Wallasey are just the beginning. For a chair to serve well, it must be custom fitted to the individual to gain the maximum benefit. We get very specific with our measurements. Our clients, especially our young clients, like to personalise their chairs so we provide as many options for colour and accessories as possible. Keep in mind that every added accessory also adds weight so you want to balance that out so it suits you. Of course for many, motorised chairs are essential so the added weight is worth the ease of operation. Still, we keep them as lightweight as possible while assuring their stability.

We custom fit and build to suit lightweight wheelchairs Wallasey. We are also proud stockists for the very finest names in manufactured wheelchairs. Invacare is one of the largest manufacturers of wheelchairs built for mild to medium activity both manual and motorised with a great selection of children’s wheelchairs. You will also find Quickie, Motion Composites and Kuschall brands as well. These are well-respected brands. Then there is the awesome TiLite brand that is streamlined, ultra-modern, lightweight and built for the most active. Contact Da Vinci Mobility and let us help you find and custom fit the perfect lightweight wheelchair for your lifestyle. The options are almost endless.

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