Lightweight Wheelchairs Walsall, Customised to Your Requirements

Lightweight Wheelchairs WalsallLightweight wheelchairs Walsall are a great solution for individuals seeking mobility. Different reasons can put an individual on a wheelchair. For some users, a congenital condition may be responsible for their inability to walk. Others suffer from conditions like spinal tuberculosis and multiple sclerosis which result in paralysis. Victims of accidents may also suffer head or spinal injuries that interfere with the motor and/or sensory function of the lower limbs. One of the most common causes of immobility is old age. As one ages, the spine and pelvic girdle lose their ability to withstand weight. This is a consequence of osteoporotic changes on the vertebral bones and pelvic ones.

Lightweight wheelchairs Walsall are a convenient option for wheelchair users. Wheelchairs are designed to ease movement for users. Since the design of a wheelchair is subject to the laws of mechanics, efficiency is important. The best design minimises on friction and the load of the chair. The wheels are designed to reduce the force of friction while using lightweight materials optimises the load. For a wheelchair user, it’s already difficult to move around but a heavy wheelchair only makes the process more difficult. As a result, users find movement inconvenient and this has grave repercussions on their lifestyle. A lightweight wheelchair makes a huge difference. The workload of movement is low and the entire design is efficient. Whether you are operating a motorised wheelchair or a manual one, the benefits of the lightweight wheelchair are unmatched.

Da Vinci Mobility expertly designs and manufactures lightweight wheelchairs Walsall. A leading name in mobility solutions, we offer some of the best products in the market. We invest heavily in stocking quality products that are guaranteed to meet the client’s needs and surpass their expectations. Moreover, the prices on our products are affordable. Contact us today and get quality lightweight wheelchairs. We design wheelchairs to serve different needs from outdoor movement to indoor use. We also give sound advice on the best mobility solutions to serve your needs. Our experience is unmatched and we have an unparalleled commitment to serve.

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