Lightweight Wheelchairs YorkThe main advantage of using lightweight wheelchairs York is versatility. Made from light yet robust materials, our wheelchairs can be fashioned into a wide range of designs. Our company has been building custom wheelchairs since the 1990s. Our vast design experience enables us to make purpose-built wheelchairs to meet your exact specifications.  All our wheelchairs are made to make your life easier and enhance your mobility. Our wheelchairs are easy to fold and transport in private vehicles or commuter transit. If you are looking for the most suitable and adaptable solution for your mobility, our lightweight wheelchairs could be the answer.

As a solution-minded company, we have gone to great lengths to design wheelchairs for a wide variety of users. We have built unique lightweight wheelchairs York designs that include off-road and powered applications. Our off-road variety features robust extra bracing for added stability. We have the lightest off-road wheelchairs of their kind since we build them using tough thin-walled aluminium tubing. Powered or electric wheelchairs are typically heavy units due to the batteries and extra electronic components. However, we offer one of the lightest power-assist hand cycles in the market.  These units use revolutionary compact batteries that weigh as little as 1.6 Kg, as well as powerful hub motors that weigh 2.3 kg.

We are consistently improving our lightweight wheelchairs York stocks and appreciate your feedback. We are also leading designers of sports wheelchairs. In sports, any slight reduction in weight can make your movements faster and more fluid. A lighter wheelchair gives you a unique competitive advantage. Contact Da Vinci Mobility today to get a better understanding of our products and offers. We can also make vehicle adaptations to suit your lifestyle. We can build and install custom swivel seats, auto chair smart lifters and a range of hand controls for your vehicle. Our approach is focused on your satisfaction. We thrive on referrals and repeat customers who keep coming to us for upgrades.

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