Lightweight Wheelchairs YorkakefieldSome of our lightweight wheelchairs York are built from aluminium tubing, titanium or carbon fibre. This makes the chair far lighter in weight than other wheelchairs. The frame is tough and durable and is fitted with adjustable custom made upholstery. It has a variable or fixed axle and a height adjustable backrest. There are different sizes of castor or front wheels and also a choice of back wheel sizes. The braking system can be standard or hideaway and there is a large choice of powder coated colours. There is a choice of folding or fixed backrests and we are able to have a hand cycle or trail rider fitting attached to the chair according to your requirements. The side guard come in plastic or aluminium according to your needs and the arm rests can be height adjusted or sports style depending on how the chair will be used.

Having your own unique custom built chair can turn your life around.  Lightweight wheelchairs York can be made for a number of sporting activities. Just because you need to be in a wheelchair does not mean you cannot have fun like everyone else.  We supply a four wheel powered wheelchair for off road adventures. These all terrain vehicles can go where other wheelchair cannot. We also have a number of three wheel designs for trail riding some of which are hand powered. Many of these machines are wheelchair attachments that will fit on our custom made chairs to allow our riders the convenience of using their own wheelchair.

Having custom made lightweight wheelchairs York can allow a customer freedom of movement. Contact Da Vinci Mobility today and we will design and manufacture a wheelchair that is perfect for your unique circumstance. We also manufacture wheelchairs for children who will need adjustments to the chair as they grow. The growing wheelchair frame has three growth stages which keeps costs down and can grow from a 12 x 12 inch seat to a 15 x 15 inch seat over the years. Most of our wheelchairs can be powered or have handles attached. We have over 28 years of experience in creating all types of mobility devices including spare parts for all of them.

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