Your MULTI-AIDE motorisation kit without joystick, for you and for your attendant.

The Principle

duo is a motorisation kit consisting of two motorised wheels, a battery and a control device. This kit fits most of manual wheelchairs. It transforms them into electrical wheelchairs to move easily for long distance by braking on the hand rims using the Single Push mode, or to do physical activity using the power assist mode.

The kit offers two propulsion modes:

Single Push: Once you start pushing, the motors start working and push the whole load. It is very easy to go left and right by breaking on the hand rims. You can change the maximum speed online using a rotating button. With this mode you are able to go for far distance.
AEP+: This mode permits to do physical activities that are very important for the health. When activating this mode the motors assist you according to the applied forces on the hand rims.

The patented virtual sensor of this mode permits to assist your attendant or to have the power assist when pushing by legs.


  • Two propulsion modes: Single Push and power assist AEP+.
  • Breaking button even on slopes.
  • Lithium battery 9Ah – 2.7Kg- 3h de charging time.
  • Autonomy: 16Km.
  • Motor power: 250W.
  • Wheel weight: 4.5Kg.
  • Quick release wheels.
  • Maximum speed:10Km/h.
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