The DaVinci TrailRider electric powered front wheel attachment fits most rigid-frame wheelchair and some folding frames (please call to discuss options).

500watt high-power gear drive motor with high-power programmable 9fet controller.

The distance travelled depends on a number of factors: Speed, weight of rider, terrain, temperature. However, generally an 80kg rider on reasonably flat terrain at about 10 to 12 mph could get up to 20 miles on a 10ah 36volt battery.


  • Aluminium Frame ( 7020 Series tubing)
  • Tough, lightweight design
  • Quick-docking mechanism
  • 500 watt high torque motor
  • 36Volt, 14ah lithium battery (range 15 to 25 miles)
  • Adjustable handle bars
  • 20” front wheel Choice of tyres
  • Front disc brake
  • Parking brake
  • 3 forward speed settings
  • Choice of colours
  • Reverse
  • Cruise control
  • Fold-down handlebars
  • Multi-function LCD display
  • Battery carrier will take 2 batteries
  • Speed 25kph (can be limited — call to discuss)


  • High power LED head light
  • 28ah, battery upgrade
  • Extension rear axle
  • Left-hand controls
  • Push-pull brake/accelerator
  • High-power battery charger
  • Carry bag
  • Panier bags
  • Any special fitting for extra equipment (discuss when placing order)
  • Trailer
  • Program for speed or hill climbing ability


DaVinci wheelchairs are available in almost any colour you can imagine — from brushed titanium or polished aluminium to the full spectrum of the rainbow

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