Davinci Mobility and Matsunaga have been partners since 2015. The Two companies work together to bring the very best Basketball and multi-Sport wheelchairs to you.

Matsunaga have been a wheelchair and mobility products manufacturer in Japan since 1974. We started supporting and working with British Wheelchair Basketball (BWB) and Great Britain’s (GBR) men and Woman’s Senior teams, during our time working together the GBR.

GBR Men have won Gold at both the world championships (2018) and the Europeans (2019). The GBR – Women have won silver at both the world championships (2018) and the Europeans (2019).


Full frame adjustment for novice to veteran players This wheelchair can be adjusted ten different ways, allowing you to try out various positions on your own. The axle tube is 40mm thick.


For senior players to top players, a semi-adjustable frame In B-MAX range, this model is the lightest. If you are experienced and after some adjustability, you should pick this model. The axle tube is 40mm thick. center of gravity, footrest height, wheel gap, etc. are all adjustable points.


This type is the one to choose if you want additional strength and rigour The majority of the Japan national team uses this model. The axle tube is 50mm thick. Adjustable points include the footrest height and centre of gravity.


Our wheelchairs are available in almost any colour you can imagine — from brushed titanium or polished aluminium to the full spectrum of the rainbow

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