Davinci Mobility and Matsunaga have been partners since 2015. The Two companies work together to bring the very best Basketball and multi-Sport wheelchairs to you.

Matsunaga have been a wheelchair and mobility products manufacturer in Japan since 1974. We started supporting and working with British Wheelchair Basketball (BWB) and Great Britain’s (GBR) men and Woman’s Senior teams, during our time working together the GBR.

“Matsunaga” brand (SEED: seed), which is new to UK and Europe with fans of “Matsunaga” The plant “seeds” sown by using water and fertilizer to sprout, Bloom flowers and create new “seed”. I want to create just like this,  designing good products in this market with YOU.

Matsunaga’s design is a simple one but very effective for optimal use, this allows you to live life the best way possible. Simple design allows YOU to grow. Both sides from footrest area to top of frame are built without welding which makes the frame lighter and durable. Matsunaga call it ”美” (Bi) FRAME. ”美” means beauty. MP original pipe, Minamo, is both rigid and light.Si:D has adopted it on the important parts for driving due to enhance strength and rigidity, which wheeling can be comfortable.

Individual purchase order form available for detailed specification and options. Specifications may change due to product improvement or quality improvement.


Our wheelchairs are available in almost any colour you can imagine — from brushed titanium or polished aluminium to the full spectrum of the rainbow

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