Top Quality, Robust Lightweight Wheelchairs Dudley at Competitive Prices

Lightweight Wheelchairs DudleyThe goal is always to build lightweight wheelchairs Dudley. After all, nobody wants to wheel and transport more weight than necessary. At Da Vinci Mobility, we make wheelchairs specifically for the individual. Each is a custom fit; seat to shoulder, seat to knee, knee to footrest, elbow to chair arm and reach to wheel. You select your colours for frame, wheels and cushions. You will also select the type of cushion with which you are most comfortable. We will construct your chair from lightweight aluminium and/or titanium. It will be as light as possible without sacrificing durability, stability and comfort. Just how lightweight your chair is will depend on the style you choose, adaptations and accessories.

How you plan to use your chair is a primary question that will decide how lightweight your chair will be. Lightweight wheelchairs Dudley with no motor and no attachments are of course, the lightest. Your ideal chair is, if you it to be, motorised, all terrain, and/or be equipped with selected attachments to make daily life easier and more enjoyable for you. Each of those things adds some weight. Our promise to you is that we will build your chair to suit your wants and needs. In doing so, we will add as little weight as is possible. Whether you are a marathoner or basketball player, your chair, will be designed to serve your interest. One may weigh more than the other but each will be as light as possible.

Lightweight wheelchairs Dudley by Da Vinci Mobility are constantly undergoing new design ideas. We continue to seek ways to enhance mobility, manoeuvrability, comfort and greater access with as little weight as possible. Our team has been achieving great success for decades but new innovations are always within reach. To help us improve function and lessen chair weight, we continue to seek out new materials and designs . Meanwhile, we continue to create custom lightweight wheelchairs for our customers. Contact Da Vinci Mobility or come by our showroom/workshop and see first-hand what we can achieve for you. We have hundreds of happy customers. We would like the opportunity to do the same for you.

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