Custom Built, Robust Lightweight Wheelchairs Lincolnshire to Meet Your Requirements

At Da Vinci Mobility, we build lightweight wheelchairs Lincolnshire from aluminium and titanium. Both materials are lighter than steel. Titanium is lightweight but also very strong, making it an ideal material for a lightweight wheelchair. When shopping for a lightweight wheelchair, consider your activity level. Everything you add to the chair increases weight, even a folding mechanism and/or swing-away footrests. Each attachment designed for your convenience adds a bit more weight. At Da Vinci Mobility we specialise in custom wheelchairs designed to meet individual needs. With careful attention to details and lightweight materials, we build custom wheelchairs as lightweight as possible.

Even if your daily activities do not include a lot of driving with chair transport, or basketball games and marathons, you still want the lightest in lightweight wheelchairs Lincolnshire possible. You are using your upper body to move yourself and the wheelchair chair. The lighter the chair, the less tired you will become throughout the day. You may prefer a motorised wheelchair so you don’t have to propel it with your own strength. We keep them as lightweight as possible but the motor and battery pack add weight, which makes them more cumbersome to transport. We have been building our custom lightweight wheelchairs for many years and equipping them to meet the everyday needs of the individual. We are mobility accredited for hand controls and vehicle adaptions.

Besides our lightweight wheelchairs Lincolnshire, we have a selection of standard wheelchairs. We also stock motorised wheelchairs and scooters. However, if you need an accommodation, our designers are probably already familiar with it. If not, we will design an adaptation for you. Children grow, so we build lightweight wheelchairs that will grow with the child. Periodic adjustments will save you money on complete replacement chairs. For all our clients, individual measurements are incorporated into the design for comfort. When shopping for wheelchairs, consider our lightweight wheelchairs made from aluminium and titanium. We make the lightest possible chair with dependable durability. Contact Da Vinci Mobility for follow up care, adjustments, repairs and additions. We listen to your needs and your wants.

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