Lightweight Wheelchairs BarnsleySet your spirit of adventure free with lightweight wheelchairs Barnsley. At Da Vinci Mobility, we support and partner you in your mobility needs, preferences and budget. Whether you have a permanent disability-condition or you’ve suffered a temporary disabling injury, it’s important to feel psychologically fit. Most people wish to retain their independence, continue doing the things they love, ensure that they’re not a burden on friends and family and keep the quality of life as normal as possible. The solution is technology and engineering used in the most innovative way to provide the right assistance. Lightweight wheelchairs are a practical solution that allows users to perform everyday tasks in a safe and comfortable manner.

Lightweight wheelchairs Barnsley from Da Vinci Mobility have the added advantage of being customised to fit your unique body structure and requirements. You can choose a manual or powered option or have both available in yours. This allows you to negotiate hilly or uneven terrain more smoothly and also get enough upper body exercise. Traditionally, wheelchairs have been built in a sturdy, if bulky, fashion to ensure safety and stability. Today, depending on the price, model and materials, they can range from anywhere between six to twenty kilos. Modern materials like aluminium and titanium are tough, hard-wearing yet light enough to give you the necessary portability.

Lightweight wheelchairs Barnsley are the best choice when you resume work, can drive and want to improve your social life. There are different frames, brakes, backrests, materials to choose from. To find out more about our lightweight wheelchairs Barnsley, contact Da Vinci Mobility. Our lightweight wheelchairs are custom build to support your requirements. We use aluminium and titanium as both these materials are super strong, long lasting, yet light. Our lightweight wheelchairs also have a number of accessories for you to choose from. This includes the colour, style and material of upholstery, as well as fold down or rigid backrests, footrests and sports or height-adjustable armrests. Should you require any other special fitting for extra equipment, let us know when we discuss the specifications of your lightweight wheelchair.

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