Lightweight Wheelchairs BarnsleyLightweight wheelchairs Barnsley, custom made and fitted by Da Vinci Mobility, will be the best fit you can achieve. Whether child or adult, athlete or elderly, you need a chair that serves your mobility needs without excess weight. There is no one chair fits all, so when you schedule a consultation with us, we carefully measure so every aspect of your chair fits you. The length of your torso, arms and legs are not exactly the same as anyone else’s. You chair seat needs to fit the length from your hip to your knee joint exactly for maximum comfort. Operating your chair should not require having to extend any part of your upper body; hands should rest naturally on the wheel. We take the extra time needed to get the measurements exact.

When we build a chair we want an exact fit for the individual because the chair must be as easy as possible to manoeuvre. That’s why, in Barnsley, lightweight wheelchairs are a must. You want to expend as little energy as possible manoeuvring so you can spend as much time as possible going where you want to go. We use lightweight aluminium and titanium to construct the framework of our custom chairs. Whether the individual or a helper is in charge of folding the chair for transport in a car, our lightweight chairs will make the task easier. The number of challenges that make a wheelchair necessary varies greatly. Therefore, when we build your chair we use your particular challenge to decide the design.

We are a progressive company focused on providing lightweight wheelchairs Barnsley, to fit the unique needs of individuals. Our chair designs include those used for various sports, motorised wheelchairs, and specially equipped chairs with tires for off road terrain. We stock spare parts and accessories to add convenience. We also have a selection of motorised three wheel trikes and scooters. Contact us and schedule an appointment with us to discuss your special needs in a wheelchair. Don’t think what you need can’t be done just because it hasn’t been done before. We are up to the challenge and when you see what we have accomplished for others you’ll be a believer.

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