Lightweight Wheelchairs Bristol, Custom Built to Meet your Requirements

Lightweight Wheelchairs BristolWhen you invest in lightweight wheelchairs Bristol, you can easily improve your mobility. Conventional wheelchairs are heavier, bulkier and harder to move around with. Lightweight wheelchairs put less strain on your arms and shoulders. They are also easier to pack away or transport in a car or bus. If you have a lightweight wheelchair, your friends and family will find it easier to push you from place to place. You will be able to get by faster and save a lot of energy for other activities. Our wheelchairs have the added advantage of being remarkably strong. They are made from tough engineered frames and a design that is optimized for strength and stability.

Our wheelchairs come with modifications to suit a wide variety of applications. Lightweight wheelchairs Bristol are becoming increasingly necessary. The city is becoming more wheelchair-friendly thus people have more options of places to go and how to get there. Companies are also a lot more inclusive these days. Whether you need a wheelchair for a short period or a lifetime, we can propose several solutions. We can supply ready-made or custom-built wheelchairs for any application you desire. These include electric, folding, sport, hybrid, manual and off-road wheelchairs. We also have a range of wheelchairs for kids. One of our most popular products is a unique growing wheelchair for kids. This wheelchair starts as a 12″X12″ size and can be adjusted as your child grows to the full size of 15″X15″. The wheels can also be changed from size 22″ to 24″ and finally 26″.

Whether you want a lightweight wheelchair Bristol for yourself or a loved one, you should consider getting one of ours. We have been designing and building these wheelchairs for more than 20 years and our customers love them. The nature of this business gives us the privilege of developing lasting relationships with our customers. Watching them grow, improve their lives and move more freely is more rewarding than any pay cheque. As such, we offer some of the most competitive prices for our quality. Contact Da Vinci Mobility today for more information about our product options. Our friendly staff is always excited to help you find what you need.

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