Lightweight Wheelchairs Broadheath, Individually Customised to Your specific Requirements

Lightweight Wheelchairs BroadheathDa Vinci Mobility builds lightweight wheelchairs Broadheath to suit the individual lifestyle of our clients. Everybody is different, with their own particular preferences and needs. There are differences in size, age and capabilities. The purpose of a wheelchair is to restore mobility to those who have lost it. Some of those people are elderly and infirm, others are students who must manoeuvre their way through courtyards, hallways, in and out of classes and maybe drive themselves to campus. Others are athletes, adventurers, children. We build custom fitted wheelchairs for people from every walk of life. Some look different than others but one factor is consistently at the top of the must have list. That primary requirement is that it be as lightweight as possible.

We are always on the look-out for ways to enhance mobility without adding weight.  Among our clients, lightweight wheelchairs Broadheath will mean it’s lightweight for easy loading and unloading from the car.  For others, it’s light as air on the basketball court. Those on the move all day just want to propel as little weight as possible with their arms. For those reasons and more we search out the lightest weight materials for all parts of the wheelchair. We don’t sacrifice durability and comfort; but then we don’t have to. We use titanium and aluminium for the framework. Lightweight upholstery materials still add great comfort. New plastics that are strong and flexible, yet nearly weightless, are used for some accessories.

We build lightweight wheelchairs Broadheath and we customise them to the individual. Every accessory you add also adds weight but to create a wheelchair to fill your specific needs, we will make it as light as possible. Imagine aluminium, foam and plastic being just as durable as steel and leather but without the tremendous weight. That’s what we do at Da Vinci Mobility. Each chair is sized to suit the client for the maximum comfort and ease of use. If you are in the market for a wheelchair, then you want a lightweight one. Contact us today for more information. We can show you how we make lightweight, custom fitted wheelchairs for individuals that complement their lifestyle.


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